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General Occultism / An Adventure in Making Magickal Ink
« Last post by Seisatsu on August 12, 2018, 09:33:42 pm »
Yesterday I attempted to make the magickal ink for my Register of Service, which I may describe in another thread.

Here is what I did.


2 Cups Filtered Water
1/4 Cup Black Walnut Hull Powder
1 Tbsp. Lavender
1 Tbsp. Patchoulli
1 Tbsp. Mugwort
1 Tbsp. Mullein
1 Tbsp. Eucalyptus

Simmer, covered, for two hours, and let steep for eight hours.

After steeping for about 8 hours, I was left with a mush of plant matter which had mostly absorbed the liquid.

I began by putting the mess in a strainer over a clean pot, and picking up and pressing bits of the plant material with my fingers to squeeze out all the liquid. This left a small amount of viscous black liquid filled with silt, to which I added purified water until it was brought back to one cup worth.

I prepared a small strainer over a clean measuring cup, and tried to filter the ink through a coffee filter. However, it got clogged almost straight away. Heating the liquid helped little. What I ended up doing was filtering a little liquid at a time, and then replacing the coffee filter, which each time had much of the silt stuck to it. I went through several filters this way.

At last when about half of the liquid was filtered and the rest of the slush was just too viscous, I pinched the filter into a pouch around the liquid and squeezed gently to help it pass through. I wrung out the filter pouch, leaving the rest of the silt stuck inside, and discarded.

The dark brown, very reflective liquid I was left with would probably be decent for scrying.

At this point I mixed in half a teaspoon of PhytoCide Aspen Bark Extract as a preservative. This was a mistake. The data sheet for the bark extract claims that it is only stable up to 140 degrees fahrenheit, so past this point, I could no longer use the stove to evaporate the liquid further if need be. i should have first tested the viscosity of the ink inside the pen, and then added the bark extract very last when I was satisfied with its properties.

Next I began mixing in teaspoons, and then tablespoons of gum arabic to increase the viscosity, testing in the pen periodically. However, though the viscosity increased, the liquid did not take on the flow properties of my reference ink, and continued to flow poorly in comparison. I settled on 8 Tbsp. of gum arabic to my 1 Cup of liquid ink. I had naively thought that viscosity would be a linear property of the liquid which I could scale up or down with the gum arabic, but it turns out that viscosity is more nuanced than that. Next time I will try evaporating first before adding gum arabic, and see how this affects the viscosity in comparison.

I did not add a few drops of my blood in the end, partly because I was not ready to use the ink in a magickal project yet, and partly because I pussed out about drawing blood with a knife after I failed to do it with a sterilized needle. When the time comes I will either get stupid drunk or buy some diabetic lancets. Here is a photo of my finished ink -- virtually a lifetime supply if it were perfect. I will try a new batch at a later date and post results.

The final product was not ideal in color or viscosity, but was ultimately usable, and a good starting point for further refinement of the process.
The DKMU Vault / No Oistar Solo Project August 2018 Kill
« Last post by thief_and_a_liar on August 06, 2018, 01:16:21 am »
I alone will kill all humans in Stavanger in the month of August this year 2018.


PS. Why how when? You you bastard son of an idiot fuck you bitch.

General Occultism / Re: CDIA system
« Last post by thief_and_a_liar on August 01, 2018, 09:47:50 am »
Alright, playing around with CDIA Alternate Reality Games locally I have grown more interested in ARG campaigns dealing with collecting money from people who owe me and my friends.
One or two up to three people get designated muscle for collecting the money, and now this has made ready the second CDIA ARG campaign.

Speed wars part two: The girl who never paid back.
The story here is that the leader of the CDIA was in love with a girl who was addicted to the very drug his own organization or order of assassins specialized in selling, or dealing. He then gave this girl a lot of speed the very second this girl asked if she could sell for him. This was not more an amount of drugs than any agent of the CDIA could not sell within 48 hours, but this girl did not pay back for several months, and the leader was suspecting her new boyfriend who just this very day threatened the leader with a shotgun, to be telling her not to pay what she owed.
The ARG campaign here will only last for one day or one evening. The story so far is that the leader has visited this girl who owes the organization money several times using various agents as well as himself but no luck, only giving her boyfriend more drugs for free as in trying to still make an alliance and trying to make her boyfriend friendly instead of the enemy. This never paid back as a strategy, and this morning the leader of the CDIA has made seveal text messages to various persons that could act as muscle in the case, which of one of them is you, and those who has paid the price to join in on the game.
This campaign has only one objective: To get to the girl and make her pay or promise to pay what she owes the organization. Else it seems to be an inside hit job on her boyfriend, meaning the CDIA has a special case of an assassination mission coming from the leader himself, and this will only be a loss in payment to the agents who meet outside the girl's apartment this day, and no direct income to the organization as it should be. The girl's boyfriend did the grave mistake of threatening the leader with a shotgun, only in text/talk so noone knows if this guy really has this weapon, but it is preferred that all agents that meet up on this day bring a gun or other weapon.
So here the setting is the year 2018, first day of august, and the place is a single apartment in a complex of many apartments. One problem is to sneak inside without getting detected by neighbors that could call the police, here the gang of agents could fool the girl to think we were on a peaceful mission just to talk, and she would open up for us. But at a minimum her boyfriend will get damage so that him and her understand how serious it is for them to pay back what they owe.
Not too many players should participate. Hell, there is no limit really as the leader according to story already met up with the whole local gang of 10 to 20 people one day to remind the girl of what next to do, to pay up or make things worse.
This game will just be the last time, the last drop of patience to ask a girl to pay back what she owes to the organization, the CDIA. And as such it seems to be the very first time the CDIA actually does anything violent and actually bring damage to a person, not the girl, as she is protected since the leader of the CDIA actually likes her still, but to her boyfriend, both for manipulating the girl and making her into an angry bitch towards the leader, and then some jealousy and envy of this boyfriend from the CDIA leader, now you are getting the full story, lol.
So this is both a CDIA ARG campaign for future use as well as the campaign that will be used locally here today if all goes as planned. No official CDIA agent will be used, but a real money collector that will be paid a guitar, a drug dealer that owes money, and maybe some more or no more people at all, if all goes wrong only the leader will go up to the apartment alone, and the worst case scenario is, of course, the leader gets his head shot off by a shotgun and the CDIA is no more...

Introduction to the beginner videos:

First Lesson:

Second Lesson:
Third Lesson:

Introduction to the second part:

First Advanced Lesson:
Second Advanced:
And so on:
I will finish this post once I get a computer that do not freeze up every time I click on something. If you are too curious already, and also is a beginner in magic, or know some but stuck and want to know where to begin back at the basics and which books to read, you can watch my videos by searching "Morten Birkedal Lesson" on facebook. You are welcome.


Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« Last post by Patchwork on July 17, 2018, 06:51:53 pm »
Thanks! Um, would it be possible to request invite links?
Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« Last post by Moon1ight on July 15, 2018, 10:24:17 am »

Welcome to the forum :)

In fact, we have two :D

Here's one:
and here's the other:

General Occultism / The alternative to ego death (facebook copypasta)
« Last post by thief_and_a_liar on July 14, 2018, 03:34:03 pm »
Me: There exists a second way around this: Become who you do not accept, the evil parts of yourself. 

Some girl on facebook: Why would one seek to achieve this?

Me: It is obligatory to achieve 3=8

Also, what this really means is just gaining control over your shadow, or over all demonic content in your soul, and through this you will become Light itself!

Demonic here means sickness and death, destruction and pain...

Crowley personified this side of your Ego as Choronzon, the dweller in the Abyss.

Later, much later than the kabbalah was conceived, people added the Tree of Death, the Nightside of Eden to the Tree of Life, containing the shells of the sephiroth, that was called the Qlipphoth. These were simply named in evil spirit names, or fallen angel names, and just represented garbage, or waste, that had to be produced in order to balance the Tree. The Qlipphoth can in a simplified way just represent the bad sides, the vices of each sephira, while the sephiroth themselves on the day side represent the virtues of each sephira.

So, in order to control what you hate about yourself, you have to dig deep into it, to understand it properly. 

Invocation of the entity Choronzon, or just letting your darker sides be fully accepted (without acting on such impulses), is... oh hell, do I need to explain this further? Become the worst type of person you can possibly imagine. Experience it fully, and thus you will achieve understanding and control. Ok, I am done.

The girl: Brilliant.  Thank you for expounding.

Me: Hehe. This is much more detailed in Satanism and The Left Hand Path, where your Ego will only be attempted to expand into godhood. No ego death will in these paths be attempted at all...

Just call me the Real Deal of a Black Brother, lol.


Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« Last post by Patchwork on July 14, 2018, 05:33:52 am »
I did the same and came back here hoping for the same. Miss y'all, but facebook needs to go the way of MySpace.

We should have a discord.
The Study / Re: A problem with the Great and horrifying Babalon
« Last post by Patchwork on July 14, 2018, 05:30:45 am »
Layla shows us the things that shock and horrify us. And the presentation of those truths tends to be... extreme. Move past the shock, however, and there is the root of the wyrd and also it's guardian.

For our Lady Serpent's eyes see the darkness, the void, and they do not turn away. And that is the trial she demands of her supplicant.
The DKMU Vault / Chelseanacht 2018 with a thousand cranes
« Last post by Moon1ight on July 10, 2018, 08:54:12 am »
Hi everyone :)

Seisatsu suggested a project for this year's Chelseanacht. Here is the proposal:

"Chelseanacht Project
 Thousand Origami Cranes
 In which we construct "Senbazuru", the ancient Japanese magickal wish granting device, with a DKMU twist.
 "Thousand Origami Cranes (千羽鶴 Senbazuru) is a group of one thousand origami paper cranes (折鶴 orizuru) held together by strings. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods." - Wikipedia
 This project will borrow some ancient Japanese magick, and combine it with the versatile LS network, to create a one-shot collaborative wish granting device which will be loaded with DKMU's mission statement.
 The work of folding one thousand origami cranes will be divided between the volunteers. All cranes must be folded by the 17th. Each crane should have the Linking Sigil marked on the inner side of the paper, so it is folded into the crane. While folding each crane, imbue it with your intent and wish for a world filled with magick and belief in magick, and the rending of the veil. The Linking Sigil will be our string, tying all of the thousand cranes together to form the mythical ancient Japanese wish granting device, the Senbazuru.
 I will design the ritual for the 17th in the coming days. The ritual will be to "fire off" the Senbazuru. After each volunteer performs the ritual with their cranes, the cranes will be placed around the volunteers' neighborhoods to spread any residual energy (and the LS) over a wide area.
 If you would like to volunteer, please post below. Based on the number of volunteers in the next few days, I will throw out a number for how many cranes we must each fold. Late volunteers should fold the same number of cranes, so we have extras in case anyone falls behind."

see for more info on the tradition.

I know that there are some folks who don't read FB at all, so I put it here.

Here's how to make a crane :)

Anyone up to join?
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