- We're all mad here

Down, down the rabbit hole
Beyond Brand Name Chaos
And Out the Other side.

For several years, we have existed on the periphery of the modern occult. Our primary activity has been to assault the consensual reality; insubstantia, the all-too-predominant paradigm that founds itself on the antithesis of creativity, imagination, passion, individualism and magick, itself. We cast spells, scribe sigils, open doorways, summon spirits, generate hauntings, design deities, perform rituals on skyscrapers while dropping acid, evoke archetypes around bonfires, imbue our intents within media of all sorts and anything else we might find useful in making the world a more wild, mysterious and liberating place to be. This isn't your usual bowl of cornflakes.

We began operations in 2004 with the inception of the Linking Sigil (Ellis), a simple sigil designed to link various operations together for mutual gain and benefit. With each and every use, every tag, this empowered what we call the Network, a form of magickal internet. From there on, we expanded, the LS continuing to serve as the foremost doorway and practical tool used amongst us. This humble yet effective eye-catching sigil has since become a widespread insider secret for a growing portion of the Chaos Magic underground, spawning many similar attempts in its wake. Perhaps you've already seen it scrawled on walls, city streets or darkened corridors. Perhaps it beckoned you in with the subtle calling of "ask me how!" Perhaps this will be your first exposure.

We are still the Marauder Underground, and we are still the Domus Kaotica. We are the current called 156/663, Khaos and Assault, Khaos and Connection, the cult of Ellis combined with Mystery, and we want fireballs. We want the crazy, the weird and the extreme by any means nessecary. Bring us your outcasts, your misfits and your reality deviants. If you're just as fed up with the incessant repetition of friendly occultism as us, then you're welcome to call this place home. Why? Well, haven't you heard? We're all mad here.


What others have to say:

DKMU, existing as a non entity amorphous association of un-membership within a framework of spontaneous contrivance for the purpose of accepting those enduring a chosen path on the edge of the obtuse, while collecting experience, observation and thesis for the purpose of action and reflection with intent to progressing the whole of consensus as well as the individual intent.